XDB308 SS316L Pressure Transmitter

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XDB308 series of pressure transmitters incorporates advanced international piezoresistive sensor technology. They offer the flexibility to choose different sensor cores to suit specific applications. Available in all-stainless steel and SS316L thread packages, they provide excellent long-term stability and offer multiple signal outputs. With their versatility, they can handle various media compatible with SS316L and adapt to different circumstances, making them widely utilized across diverse industries.

Robust, monolithic, SS316L thread & hex bolt suitable for corrosive gas, liquid and various media;

Long-term reliability, ease installation and high performance price ratio.

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● All sturdy stainless steel & SS316L thread + hex.

● Small and extremely compact size.

● Complete surge voltage protection function.

● Affordable price & economical solutions.

● Provide OEM, flexible customization.

● Integrated function test through “live zero”.

● Withstands loads of up to 1.5 times its nominal (rated) pressure.

● Resistant to permanent humidity and dirt owing to its IP65 protection.

● Shock-proof for applications with vibrations (in compliance with DIN IEC68).

● Reliable and resistant thanks to its stainless stainless-steel measuring body and convenient function test.

Typical Applications

● Intelligent loT constant pressure water supply.

● Engineering machinery, industrial process control and monitoring.

● Energy and water treatment systems.

● Steel, light industry, environmental protection.

● Medical, agricultural machinery and testing equipment.

● Flow measurement equipment.

● Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

● Air-conditioning unit and refrigeration equipment.

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Technical Parameters

Pressure range -1~0~600 bar  Long-term stability ≤±0.2% FS/year
±0.5% /±1.0%

Response time ≤3ms
Input voltage
DC 9~36 V, 5-12V, 3.3V

Overload pressure 150% FS
Output signal
4-20mA / 0-10V / I2C (Others)

Burst pressure 300% FS
G1/2, G1/4, NPT1/4

Cycle life 500,000 times
Electrical connector Hirschmann DIN43650C/M12(4PIN)/Gland direct cable/Packard Housing material 304 Stainless steel
Operating temperature -40 ~ 105 ℃
Compensation temperature -20 ~ 80 ℃ Protection class IP65/IP67
Operating current ≤3mA Explosion-proof class Exia II CT6
Temperature drift (zero&sensitivity) ≤±0.03%FS/ ℃ Weight ≈0.25kg
Insulation resistance >100 MΩ at 500V


316Ltransmitter (3)
316Ltransmitter (4)
316Ltransmitter (5)
316Ltransmitter (6)
non-corrosive liquid or gas pressure transmitter measurements

Ordering Information

E.g. XDB308- 0.6M -   01 -   2 -   A -   G3 -  W6 -  b -  03 -  Oil


Pressure range 0.6M
M(Mpa)   B(Bar)   P(Psi)   X(Others on request)


Pressure type 01
01(Gauge)   02(Absolute)


Supply voltage 2
0(5VCD)   1(12VCD)   2(9~36(24)VCD)   3(3.3VCD)  X(Others on request)


Output signal A
A(4-20mA)  B(0-5V)  C(0.5-4.5V)  D(0-10V)  E(0.4-2.4V)  F(1-5V)   G(I2C)  X(Others on request)


Pressure connection G3
G1(G1/4)   G2(G1/8)  G3(G1/2) X(Others on request)


Electrical connection W6
W1(Gland direct cable) W2(Packard) W4(M12-4Pin) W5(Hirschmann DIN43650C) W6(Hirschmann DIN43650A) W7(direct plastic cable) X(Others on request)


Accuracy b
b(0.5% FS)  c(1.0% FS)  X(Others on request)


Paired cable 03
01(0.3m)   02(0.5m)   03(1m)     X(Others on request)


Pressure medium Oil
X(Please note)


1) Please connect the pressure transmitter to the opposite connection for different electric connector.

If the pressure transmitters come with cable, please refer to the right color.

2) If you have other requirements, please contact us and make notes in the order.

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