Adjustable Steam Pressure Switch

  • XDB325 Series Membrane/Piston NO&NC Adjustable Hydraulic Pressure Switch

    XDB325 Series Membrane/Piston NO&NC Adjustable Hydraulic Pressure Switch

    XDB325 pressure switch employs both piston (for high pressure) and membrane(for low pressure ≤ 50bar)techniques, ensuring top-notch reliability and enduring stability. Built with a robust stainless steel frame and featuring standard G1/4 and 1/8NPT threads, it’s versatile enough to suit a range of environments and applications, making it a preferred choice across multiple industries.
    NO mode: When pressure doesn’t meet the set value, the switch remains open; once it does, the switch closes and the circuit is energized.
    NC mode: When pressure falls below the set value, the switch contacts close; upon reaching the set value, they disconnect, energizing the circuit.
  • XDB320 Adjustable Mechanical Pressure Switch

    XDB320 Adjustable Mechanical Pressure Switch

    XDB320 Pressure switch uses a built-in micro switch and sensing hydraulic system pressure and it conveys the electrical signal to electromagnetic directional valve or electric motor to make it change directions or warn and closed circuit so as to achieve the effect of system protection. XDB320 Pressure switch uses liquid pressure to open or close electrical contact hydraulic electrical interface element. When the system pressure achieves the value of the pressure switch setting, it signals and makes electrical components work. It makes the oil pressure release, reverse and execute components realize order action, or closed motor to stop the system from working to provide safety protection.

  • XDB321 Vacuum Pressure Switch

    XDB321 Vacuum Pressure Switch

    XDB321 pressure switch adopts SPDT principle, senses gas system pressure, and transmits electrical signal to electromagnetic reversing valve or motor to change direction or alarm or close circuit, so as to achieve the effect of system protection. One of the primary features of a steam pressure switch is its ability to accommodate a wide pressure sensing range. These switches are available in various pressure ratings to suit different steam system requirements. They can handle low-pressure applications as well as high-pressure processes, providing versatility and adaptability in diverse industrial settings.

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