XDB410 Digital Pressure Gauge

Short Description:

The  digital  pressure  gauge  is  mainly  composed of a  housing, a  pressure sensor and  a signal  processing circuit.  It has the advantages of high precision, good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance, small temperature drift, and good stability. The micro power processor can achieve seamless working.

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  • XDB410 Digital Pressure Gauge 3
  • XDB410 Digital Pressure Gauge 4
  • XDB410 Digital Pressure Gauge 5
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Product Detail

Product Tags


● Wide pressure range: -1bar to 1000bar;

● LCD backlight display;

● Four and a half digits display;

● Five digits ambient temperature display;

● Zero clearing;

● Max/Min peak value holder;

● Pressure progress bar display;

● Battery indicator;

● 5-9 kinds pressure unite (Mpa, bar, Kpa, mH2o, kg/cm2, psi. mmH2o, in.WC, mbar etc.).


● Mechanical engineering;

● Process control and automation;

● Hydraulics and pneumatics;

● Pumps and compressors;

● Water and gas.

digital pressure gauge (1)
digital pressure gauge (3)
digital pressure gauge (7)

Technical Parameters

Measurement range -0. 1 ~ 100MPa(selected in range) Accuracy ±0. 1% FS , ±0.2% FS, ±0.25% FS,±0.4% FS, ±0.5% FS
Display mode Up to 5 dynamic pressure display Overload pressure 1.5 times full
Power supply Three AAA 7 batteries(4.5V) Measuring medium Water, gas, etc
Medium temperature -20 ~ 80 C Operatingtemperature -10 ~ 60 C
Operating humidity ≤ 80%RH Mounting thread
M20*1.5, G1/8, G1/4, G1/2, NPT1/8, NPT1/4, NPT1/2 (others)

Pressure type Gauge/absolute pressure Response time ≤ 50ms
Unit The unit can be customized and users can consult for details


Quality Assurance Provided By XDB Company

During the warranty period, the general spare parts and components are ineffective, and the replacement requirements can be restored, and they are responsible for free repair on schedule.

During the warranty period, the main parts and components of the product are ineffective and cannot be repaired on schedule. They are responsible for replacing qualified products of the same model specifications.

If the function does not meet the requirements of the company's standards and contracts as a result of design, manufacturing, etc., and the customer requests a return, it shall refund the customer's payment after the company recovers the faulty product.

Three Precautions Before Use

Clear it before use. Due to the difference in atmospheric pressure and stress after installation, the product may show a little pressure. Please clear it and use it again (make sure the meter is not under pressure when it is cleared).

Do not spy on the sensor. This digital pressure transmitter has a built-in pressure sensor, which is a precision device. Please do not disassemble it yourself. You can't use a hard object to probe or touch the diaphragm to avoid damaging the sensor.

Use a wrench to install. Before installing the product, make sure that the interface threads match the gauge theads and use a hex wrench; do not rotate the case directly.

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