XDB401 Economical Pressure Transducer

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XDB401 series of pressure transducers utilize ceramic pressure sensor core, ensuring exceptional reliability and long-term stability. Encased in a sturdy stainless steel shell structure, the transducers excel in adapting to diverse circumstances and applications, thus they are widely used in various industries and fields.

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XDB 401 low cost pressure sensors outperform other pressure transmitters at a competitive price. Our compact and stainless steel pressure sensor can meet your needs. Besides, XDB company is able to provide you with detailed solutions about pressure measurement.

● All sturdy stainless steel structure.

● Small and compact size.

● Complete surge voltage protection function.

● Affordable price & economical solutions.

● Provide OEM, flexible customization.

Typical Applications

You can use XDB401 pressure sensor in various applications. For example, you can use it to monitor water pump and pneumatic control system. Also, you can use it in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. XDB sensor company produce finished product (XDB400) as well, we can also customize industrial sensors for your business.

● Intelligent IoT constant pressure water supply.

● Energy and water treatment systems.

● Medical, agricultural machinery and testing equipment.

● Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

● Air-conditioning unit and refrigeration equipment.

● Water pump and air compressor pressure monitoring.

401coffemachinetransducer (1)
401coffemachinetransducer (24)
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Technical Parameters

Measuring range - 14.5-30psi / 5-300psi Long-term stability ≤±0.2% FS/year
Accuracy ± 1% FS, Others on request Response time ≤4ms
Input voltage DC 5- 12V, 3.3V Overload pressure 150% FS
Output signal 0.5 ~4.5V (others) Burst pressure 300% FS
Thread NPT1/8, NPT1/4,Others on request Cycle life 500,000 times
Electrical connector Packard/Direct plastic cable Housing material 304 stainless steel
Operating temperature -40 ~ 105 C Sensor material 96% Al2O3


-20 ~ 80 C Protection class IP65
Operating current ≤3mA Explosion-proof Class Exia ⅡCT6
Temperature drift


≤±0.03%FS/ C Weight ≈0.08 kg
Insulation resistance >100 MΩ at 500V
401coffemachinetransducer (10)
401coffemachinetransducer (30)
401coffemachinetransducer (32)

Ordering Information

E.g. XDB401- 150P -   01 -   0 -   C -   N1 -  W2 -  c -  01 -  Oil


Pressure range 150P
M(Mpa)   B(Bar)   P(Psi)   X(Others on request)


Pressure type 01
01(Gauge)   02(Absolute)


Supply voltage 0
0(5VCD)   1(12VCD)   2(9~36(24)VCD)   3(3.3VCD)  X(Others on request)


Output signal C
B(0-5V)   C(0.5-4.5V)   E(0.4-2.4V)   F(1-5V)   X(Others on request)


Pressure connection N1
N1(NPT1/8)   X(Others on request)


Electrical connection W2
W2(Packard)   W7(Direct plastic cable)    X(Others on request)


Accuracy c
c(1.0% FS)  d(1.5% FS)   X(Others on request)


Paired cable 01
01(0.3m)   02(0.5m)   03(1m)     X(Others on request)


Pressure medium Oil
X(Please note)


1) Please connect the pressure transducers to the opposite connection for different electric connector.

If the pressure transducers come with cable, please refer to the right color.

2) If you have other requirements, please contact us and make notes in the order.

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